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Where is Area Code 848?

Area code (848) is in the state of New Jersey

In addition to the state's capital, Newark, this New Jersey municipality is one of its largest, with more than thirty-two thousand residents. Located on the eastern tip of New Jersey, it is bordered by Trenton and Atlantic City. The City Council of Carteret consists of fifteen members, five of whom are elected at-large, while another three are elected by wards.

New Jersey

Carteret is a town in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The population of this borough was 22,854, as of the last U.S. Census, with an increase of nearly 2,000 from the twenty,709 counted at the 2020 census, which saw in addition an increase of over 500 in the number of residents who reside in a single household. Of the total population of residents, nearly fourteen thousand live in a single house, with nine thousand or so living in condominium units and five thousand in apartments. The city also has a higher percentage of families (over fifty percent) living together.

Many of the neighborhoods in Carteret are home to some of the highest levels of poverty in the state. Some areas of the town have been deemed to be "blighted", with high crime rates and the presence of public housing that is not being maintained. While the population of the community is not nearly as high as other major municipalities in New Jersey, like Edison and Newark, Carteret still has its own population of people of high income and well-educated people. The median household income of residents here is approximately three hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars per year.

It is situated close to many of the same attractions as the state's major metropolitan area. A large number of restaurants and boutiques are located around the downtown area, as well as a multitude of shopping malls. The downtown is home to two major movie studios, as well as several major corporate headquarters. and a small amount of residential communities. There are also a number of recreational activities that take place in this town, such as sporting teams and the annual Carteret Folk Festival. There are also some public schools in Carteret that offer a full curriculum, as well as private schools that can provide education for all students.

Carteret's economy is based largely on agriculture and tourism. Although there are a number of large companies in the area, the primary source of income for most residents is agriculture. This includes dairy farms, fruit orchards, vineyards and the manufacture of specialty foods. and livestock. Many individuals work in the retail and agricultural sectors of the industry. Several of these individuals live in apartments and rent their homes, and many of them are members of local civic organizations. The government also plays a major role in this town, as there are a number of local businesses that receive financial support from the state.

There are a number of historic buildings in Carteret that are considered landmarks in town. One of the most important landmarks is the New Jersey State House, where the New Jersey State Assembly meets. Other historic structures include the Old Trenton Jail, and the old courthouse. There is also a large cemetery at the site of the former New Jersey State Penitentiary. An American Legion Hall is also located within the city, and the former site of the notorious Stapleton prison. While Carteret offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy, the city holds regular festivals throughout the summer and fall.

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