California - Area Code 818

Where is Area Code 818?

Area code (818) is in the state of California

Agoura Hills, California is an urban community located in Los Angeles County. The city has an estimated population of 20,320 in 2010 and an estimated 19,813 in the upcoming year. It's in the southern part of the Conejo Valley between the Santa Barbara Mountains and the Simi Hills. The city is bordered on the north by Ventura County and to the south by Orange County.


Agoura Hills enjoys some of the best weather in California. The climate is sunny all year around. The air is dry and cool, and it can get quite cold during the winter months. The average high temperature in Agoura is eighty-five degrees, but it can get as low as zero during the winter months. The average low temperature in Agoura is fifty-seven degrees.

The city of Agoura is located near the Pacific Ocean. It's close to both Burbank and Glendale. The city of Agoura is also located close to two major freeways. The I-5 freeway runs through the city, and the 101 freeway runs along the coastline of Agoura.

If you live in Agoura, you will find that there are many entertainment options for residents. There are several theaters that can be found in the area. The oldest theater in town is the Agoura Theater, which opened in 1929. The Los Angeles Center Theater is another theater that is located here. Other theaters can also be found here. The Agoura Theater and the Santa Barbara Playhouse are both located nearby.

Some of the best shopping in the area can be found in Agoura. This includes the Burbank Mall, which is home to two big retailers. There is also a mall in Orange County called the Orange County Plaza. which is also home to some of the largest shopping centers in the area. In addition to this, many other small malls are located here that feature some of the best shopping in the area.

In order to be able to enjoy all the great shopping in the city of Agoura, you'll need to be familiar with some of the local transportation. Options include the Burbank Airport, the 710, the 110, the Gold Line Light Rail, the Expo Line and the Ventura County Regional Transit System. The Burbank Airport is the closest airport to Agoura, as well as the Glendale Union Station. The 710 is the main east-west expressway in Agoura. The 710 also offers the Gold Line, the Expo Line and the Ventura County Regional Transportation System.

Cities in Areacode 818

  • Agoura Hills
  • Burbank
  • Calabasas
  • North Glendale
  • La CaƱada Flintridge
  • San Fernando

Phone Prefixes in the 818 Areacode

8XX Areacode