Texas - Area Code 830

Where is Area Code 830?

Area code (830) is in the state of Texas

Eagle Pass is an amazing city in Texas, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The population was just over 25,000 as of the 2020 census (2020 figure over 29,000). Eagle Pass borders the City of Piedras Negra, Coahuila, on the south and along the Rio Grande on the west. It is home to many popular tourist attractions, including a large number of museums and historic attractions.


Texas is very rich in culture and history. The state is made up of four separate political entities; the three original states are Texas, Tamaulipas, and New Mexico. Each of these states has its own distinctive features and unique characteristics.

Austin is one of the largest cities in the state and has a number of historic landmarks that make it popular with tourists from all over the world. Austin is also one of the state's premier business centers. Many of the major corporations are based in Austin such as Toyota, AT&T, and Dell. Texas is also home to a large number of museums and historical sites.

Eagle Pass is very close to two other major cities - San Antonio and Laredo. Its proximity makes it an excellent vacation spot for people who want to travel and enjoy all the cities have to offer at one location. Laredo is also well-known for being a large number of hotels in Texas. Eagle Pass and Laredo are both also located right along the Laredo River, so if you are traveling from either of these cities, you will not miss out on much of the action on the river.

The third largest city in Texas is Del Rio. It is the oldest city in the state and is the seat of El Paso County. Del Rio is located south of El Paso on the west side of Laredo Canyon. Many major landmarks are found in Del Rio such as the Grand Prairie National Monument and the City Palace. The Del Rio Grande is the border between Texas and Mexico. Del Rio Grande is the main port of entry in Texas, and is the gateway to Laredo.

The fourth largest city in Texas is Rio Grande is Kerrville. Kerrville is located south of Houston on the east bank of Big Bend Lake and is adjacent to Galveston. The town was established around 1916, although it was formed a bit earlier than that year. There are a number of beautiful historic buildings and attractions that are found here.