Virginia - Area Code 804

Where is Area Code 804?

Area code (804) is in the state of Virginia

Virginia is an American state that has been a part of the Union since 1776 and has four of its counties on the Eastern seaboard. The state is located in the south eastern part of the United States, near the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of approximately 6.2 million. Virginia State Route 156 (Route 156) is an interstate route in the state of Virginia that connects the city of Norfolk and the city of Richmond. The route passes through the cities of Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Sterling and Spotsylvania, Virginia Beach.


Visitors to Virginia have the opportunity to experience a unique blend of urbanity, historic sites, nature and culture. The state's population includes many ethnic groups, such as African Americans, Jews, Greeks, and Italian immigrants. While some of the most notable historic sites in Virginia are the Civil War battlefields of Bull Run, Petersburg, and Appomattox, other historic sites include those at Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, the City of Chesapeake and the City of Norfolk.

Hopewell Mound State Historic Park is located in Hopewell County, Virginia and is one of the most significant early cultures in America. A major attraction of the park is the Hopewell Mound House and Museum. The Hopewell Mound House has a historic gallery that allows visitors to see artifacts from the Hopewell culture. Other attractions of the park are the Hopewell Sanctuary and Hopewell Woods. The Hopewell Woods includes the ancient Hopewell Village, Hopewell Settlement and Hopewell Lighthouse.

Virginia Beach is another popular attractions in the state. The city was once called "the Little Venice of the South" because of its rich cultural heritage and rich history. Many major historical sites are located on the west side of Virginia Beach and include the Olde Town Square, the Olde City Hall, and the Colonial Theatre. Many museums and art galleries are also located in Virginia Beach.

Spotsylvania County is located between Virginia Beach and Richmond. The city of Petersburg is located on the south west side of the city. The City of Richmond is located on the eastern side of the city and features an important role in American history. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is located in the city and is one of the premier museums in the area.

Virginia is a popular tourist destination and is home to several important historical sites and attractions. Virginia is known for its beautiful landscapes, great food and historic architecture and a wide range of cultural festivals.