Washington - Area Code 206

Where is Area Code 206?

Area code (206) is in the state of Washington

Burien, Washington is located between the mountains of Snohomish counties on Puget Sound, north of Seattle. Burien is a small suburb to King County, Washington, USA, with a population of around 33,000. Burien is a place where there are many things to do and places to go. People in Burien enjoy various outdoor activities including boating, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, canoeing, fishing, and biking.


The first area that interests most people who visit Burien is the Burien airport. The Burien airport serves Burien's northern neighbor, the town of Snohomish, and serves a variety of commercial flights originating from all over the country.

The Burien International Airport is located in Burien on a peninsula on Snohomish Island. Burien International Airport is the third busiest airport on the west coast, behind Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Seattle-Pierce County International Airport. This airport also serves the Puget Sound region as a major transcontinental shipping route. The Burial Ground, a former landfill in Burien, was the original home of a military base that closed in the early 1980s. However, it is currently home to a military museum and park that offer tours to its history.

Burien is home to a wide variety of museums and attractions, including several museums focused on local history and culture. The Burial Ground Museum is the only one of its kind in the state of Washington. It was founded by members of the United States Army Air Corps in 1940. The Burial Ground Museum houses artifacts, collections, and manuscripts relating to the history of the United States Army Air Corps. The museum is open every day and features activities like a children's play, lectures, concerts, and exhibits. The Burial Ground Museum is located on Snohomish Road, across the street from the Snohomish County Courthouse.

Burien also offers a number of historic homes and buildings for those interested in living and raising a family in this area. Some of the houses that are available in the Burien area have been featured in magazines and on television shows, including the Travel Channel. One of the popular homes that has been featured on television is the Woodland, a Victorian house on Snohomish Way in Burien. Another house that is close to Snohomish Way is the Cedar Hollow, an early log home that has been featured in several books about the area. One of the most popular Burial Grounds homes is the Cedar Hollow Ranch, a farmhouse that was once on the market for seven years before it was sold in April of 2020 for $2.6 million. The Cedar Hollow is located just across the road from Burial Ground.

Burien is the most central part of King County and has two major airports and many other minor airports. Many residents of Burien commute to work in Seattle or elsewhere in the Washington state area by rail, and some of these commuters are students that live in the University District of Seattle.

Cities in Areacode 206

  • Bainbridge Island
  • Burien
  • Des Moines
  • Mercer Island
  • Seattle
  • Shoreline
  • White Center

Phone Prefixes in the 206 Areacode

2XX Areacode