Puerto Rico - Area Code 939

Where is Area Code 939?

Area code (939) is in the state of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has always been a popular destination for tourists who want to see beautiful scenery and historical landmarks. The country is located in the Caribbean and is almost wholly incorporated into the United States mainland, making it very accessible from other states.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican is a small independent nation on the eastern tip of South America. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world because of its warm blue sea and beautiful beaches. The island is also home to some of the oldest cities in the entire world. It is also a popular holiday destination because of the island's history and culture.

Puerto Ricans is famous for their love of music and live a large number of shows around the world. The island is also famous for being a favorite destination for families and honeymooners. Its vibrant atmosphere, sunny climate and amazing beaches are a big reason why so many people travel there every year.

When you decide to visit Puerto Rico, there are a number of attractions in the U.S. that you should visit as well. There are some tourist spots that are located in the north and south of the island that will give you a different experience.

There are two main tourist attractions in Puerto Rico that everyone needs to visit. The first is the Puerto Rican National Museum which houses an impressive collection of artifacts from various cultures. The museum includes a number of different types of cultural artifacts including Mayan ceramics, artifacts made in the Aztec Empire, and more. You can also take the train ride over to Santurce, a beautiful island in the North Pacific that is also a popular attraction for tourists. It is home to a beautiful stretch of sand with magnificent beaches. There are also some great diving sites on the island and you will be able to explore them if you decide to dive on the reefs.

If you are looking for major attractions, then there are plenty of choices out there. Puerto Rico's diverse landscape and historical significance make it an attractive vacation location for many people.

One of the most important things to see when visiting Puerto Rico is its capital of San Juan. San Juan is the home of the Puerto Rican National Assembly. This is where the government works. The Puerto Rican National Museum is also a good place to check out as well as the San Juan Bay and the San Juan Cathedral. These are all very important historical places to check out when visiting Puerto Rico.

For many, the best way to explore the island is by foot. This is one of the best ways to see all of Puerto Rico's beauty and there are many places that you can hike throughout the island to get the full experience of Puerto Rican culture.

If you have never been to Puerto Rico before, you will have a large number of choices for places to stay. There are plenty of hotels to choose from and you can also find luxury villas and condos that can provide you with the comfort and luxury of home away from home while you enjoy your vacation.

Cities in Areacode 939

  • Adjuntas
  • Levittown
  • Manati
  • Rio Piedras
  • Guaynabo
  • Santurce
  • Caguas
  • Orocovis
  • Lajas
  • Carolina
  • Ponce
  • Arecibo
  • Luquillo
  • Bayamon
  • San German
  • Rincon
  • Arroyo
  • Guayama
  • Cayey
  • Maunabo
  • Aguada
  • Las Marias
  • Trujillo Alto
  • Florida
  • Villalba
  • Mayaguez
  • Fajardo
  • Maricao

Phone Prefixes in the 939 Areacode

9XX Areacode